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What on earth are 'investment fundamentals' & how to prepare for an uncertain year

When the pros say to get your fundamentals right what exactly do they mean? Experienced investment coach Debbie Roberts talks about what you can and can't control when it comes to property investment and how to build a solid foundation for a successful 2021. Chapters: 01:07 ..

Upping the ante: The NPS-UD 2020 and its effects on property owners

Land economic Dr Douglas Fairgary showcases the National Policy Statement on Urban Development 2020, how it will affect property values and other impacts it will have on property owners...

Why does it feel like you are getting nowhere and how to break through?

Investment coach Debbie Roberts talks about the dreaded progress-stasis which every investor has to go through in order to become successful. Chapters 01:45 Common causes of frustration 10:56 Understanding and tracking your progress 17:26 Are you on the right track? 24..

Retaliatory notices

An in-depth look at retaliatory notices and tips for landlords. Chapters: 00:27 Why would you care? 06:03 Quick history 08:16 What is a retaliatory notice? 10:56 6 Elements of a retaliatory notice 32:08 Retaliatory notice IRL 35:50 Tips for landlords ..

An investor's guide to understanding property titles

Kristine King gives a comprehensive guide to help investors and developers understand titles and what they tell you about a property. Chapters: 02:03 Introduction to DK Law 03:01 Why search a title? 13:00 Types of title 25:13 Rights and restrictions 34:39 Investor vs de..

NPS-UD 2020 in practice

The National Policy Statement on Urban Development ( seeks to, among other things, improve housing affordability by supporting competitive land and development markets. What does this mean and h..

What landlords should know about the Commerce Act?

Commerce Commission Principal Investigator Barrie Sutton and Head of Competition Katie Rusbatch speak to investors about the Commerce Act, specifically s30 - the anti-cartel provision, how investors can unwittingly fall foul of the law and share best practice suggestions to help investors connec..

Profiling Kiwis

Distinguished Professor Paul Spoonley speaks to investors about demographic trends, the ensuring social and economic challenges and whether COVID has disrupted or accelerated population growth. ..

National Policy Statement - Urban Development 2020 and opportunities for investors

Experienced investor and planning consultant Iain McManus of Civitas ( speaks to APIA investors about the National Policy Statement on Urban Development, how it seeks to lift development constraints and shift the bottom line for investors and developers...

HHS compliance guide for landlords and property managers

The ( team returns to talk about HHS compliance in detail. Links referred to: Tenancy Services Healthy Homes ( blog (



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